Saturday, December 6, 2008

Memo to Bush Era Republicans and CEO's with CC to the Obama Administration

If you unwise governors haven't yet gotten the message, here it is in three minutes.

You have always taken more than you have given.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Post-election Pessimism: Democrats, Republicans - they're all alike?

We were drawn into activism by extremely unacceptable presidential behavior and ability - much more so than by political considerations.

However, once drawn into the fight against the Invasion and on-going Occupation of Iraq (it was always that and has never been a "war") we could clearly see the rubber- stamp nature of the Republicans in Congress who willfully voted in support of a morally corrupt administration and presidential ineptitude at the expense of national well-being.

Doesn't that paragraph sound far leftish?

I don't think so because for me it was personal (family skin in the game) and never about political philosophy or ideology. I was against Bush because he and Cheney personally sent my family into harms way by lying to me.

It was never honorable nor noble. Once committed against the President and his military crime, the rest of my personal military-veteran's aroused patriotism was filled with a sense of shame at how Bush had made America a global Timothy McVey.

Bushites made of America the moral equivalent of Hitler when he invaded Poland.

When - as my wife stood alongside Cindy Sheehan at Crawford and gave speeches all the way to D.C. in September 2005 - while I guarded the home front, she and I both found ourselves fending off the formal "leftist" players who at every moment looked to usurp every rally, every speaker's platform and every planning meeting with pure revolutionary tripe.

And yes, the smugness was much more wiser-than-thou rather than simple holier ( I mean, leftier)-than thou.

They still occasionally call - mostly to my wife. They still send emails which I politely file in my bottomless gmail memory.

So I published writings opposing McCain, Romney and mostly Reflublican Dino Rossi who couldn't take a breath without insulting Washington voters in the governor's race out here.

I fear I may never vote for another Republican until this current generation has passed away. They aided and abetted the making of my country into an international criminal bully, leaving my loved ones and at risk and my grandchildren in debt for no justifiable patriotic reason.

Formal leftists have no ideology to deal with that anymore than traditional partisan democrats let alone the crooks and liars party of DeLay, Cheney and the Shrub.

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