Saturday, August 23, 2014

This weekend's required reading for those who are offended but who aren't afraid to look into the mirror.

Whether you sing in the choir, preach to the choir or cater to the choir ... there are many in the choir who are oblivious to the sour-sounding music the choir makes.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

 As a white person, I realized I had been taught about racism as something that puts others at a disadvantage, but had been taught not to see one of its corollary aspects, white privilege, which puts me at an advantage. 
I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege. So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have white privilege. I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was "meant" to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks. 
 1. I can, if I wish, arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time. 
 6. When I am told about our national heritage or about civilization, I am shown that people of my color made it what it is. 
 17. I can criticize our government and talk about how much I fear its policies and behavior without being seen as a cultural outsider.  
For this reason, the word privilege now seems to me misleading. We usually think of privilege as being a favored state, whether earned or conferred by birth or luck. Yet some of the conditions I have described here work systematically to overempower certain groups. Such privilege simply confers dominance because of one's race or sex.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A ringing endorsement ... why, if you are ignorant and uninformed ... you should vote for McMorris-Rodgers

If the way of things is for you to take advice from any old Kindergarten Konservative, here's your chance to do a big belly flop into the shallow end of the pool where most of your political friends are splashing around.

Ann Coulter Urges: Just Vote For Any 'Crap-Ass' GOPer

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Most Powerful Republican Woman in Congress and her faulty political, economic and social thinking

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers will tell you many things and give you many reasons why you should send her back to Washington so she can keep NOT DOING the things she was elected to do.

Take a look at the following summaries of how ignorant her party assumes us to be.

Why This MattersThese things really matter. We all want to fix the terrible problems the country has. But it is so important to know just what the problems are before you decide how to fix them. Otherwise the things you do to try to solve those problems might just make them worse – just as laying off government workers in a recession makes unemployment worse.
If we get tricked into thinking that Obama has made things worse and that we should go back to what we were doing before Obama – tax cuts for the rich, giving giant corporations and Wall Street everything they want, when those are the things that caused the problems in the first place – then we will be in real trouble.

Friday, August 8, 2014

OK you guys ... tough-talking impeachers ... put up (I dare you) ... or shut up

Polls Show GOP Base Has Impeachment Fever, Even As Party Leaders Run From It

Come on you guys ... what's a matter Colonel Sanders ... chicken?
Polls conducted last month by CNN/ORC, Fox News and Rasmussen Reports all found close to 60 percent of Republicans in favor of impeaching and removing Obama from office.
Each poll found that wide majorities of the public at large — and virtually every other demographic group — oppose impeachment.
 After all, Kindergarten Konservatism is nothing if not reckless.

"Such a calculation — amnesty-by-fiat to deliberately court impeachment — is breathtakingly cynical. But clever. After all, there is no danger of impeachment succeeding," Krauthammerwrote. "There will never be 67 votes in the Senate to convict. But talking it up is a political bonanza for Democrats, stirring up an otherwise listless and dispirited base. Last Monday alone the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised more than $1 million from anti-impeachment direct mail."
Pick up NRA-backed weapon ... Ready .... aim at foot ..... FIRE.

I think you guys should go for it.

I wish you would.

Couldn't pass a civics test if their life depended on it

Next time you think you have the best say as to who comes in and who can't come in ... this speaker has the truest point to be made. Run and hide, or invest 90 seconds and watch it ... then be honest with yourself ... go home and look in the mirror.

WATCH: That Awkward Moment When Anti-Immigration Protesters Realize They're Immigrants Too
Note the size of the crowd at the beginning of the video as opposed to when the camera pans back about 30 seconds in.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The original illegals deserving deporting were white guys and some of their dumber descendants are expecting to win the next election.

Tell me over and over again ... why would you vote for any Republican who would do this?

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers is one poster child for focusing on all the wrong stuff and doing no good for our district. She and her party are demonstrating a total lack of knowing which way the wind is blowing.

Republicans Become the Party of "Deport 'Em All" -Joan McCarter, Daily Kos

A girl wears a

Your Republican Leadership gave up. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, the most powerful Republican woman in Congress, along with her fellow honchos ... just plain gave up. They handed power to the craziest elements of their party in Congress.

Joan McCarter:
After the leadership's first attempt to bring bills to the floor on Thursday failed, Speaker Boehner and his team just gave up and handed the mess over to the crazies. The result was two bills basically crafted for Cruz and his House minions, Reps. Steve King (R-IA) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN). And, of course, the rest of the Republican caucus followed along behind, passing legislation that even the Republican stalwart Wall Street Journal finds deplorable. 
[WSJ]"The House GOP looked ready Friday to pass a bill to address the influx of children over the Southwest border, though not before providing another spectacle of internal disarray. The bill should have been a moment to redirect attention to President Obama's cynical handling of the border problem and to the Democratic Party's immigration divisions. Instead the GOP again gave the country the impression that its highest policy priority is to deport as many children as rapidly as possible back from wherever they came."
That's not just an impression the Republicans are giving, that's their policy. Nothing says that more clearly than the fact leadership caved to Cruz and turned policy-making over to Bachmann and King. Not everyone in the conference might have been happy with that, but almost all of them voted for it. Republicans now own the fact that their official policy is, in the words of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) "Deport 'em all." They own that, and they carry it into November.

Welfare Rancher Bundy and His version of Republican Jesus ... two shoot-em-up Kindergarten Konservatives saved by the Graces and Tender Mercies

Silly Section Nomination here ...

The Lord talks to Cliven Bundy? When the Cliven speaks the discussion is over ... far as he's concerned.  Personally I think the Lord oughta be telling Bundy to lose that hat and go on a belly diet ... folks talkin to God need to look more ascetic than a rancher who shows up ta meeting in a big hat with a big overstuffed ego.

Bundy: Showdown with Feds a Spiritual Battle

The disagreement with federal officials over whether Bundy has a right to graze his cattle on "public" lands without paying government fees remained the focus of the summit's finale, but much of the dialogue delved into spiritual influences.
The Independent American Party draws much of its inspiration from statements made by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the majority of its members are LDS and Utah residents, although Gneiting said the party is not about doctrines specific to the Mormon religion or any other faith that believes in the biblical "providence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."
The LDS church does not endorse any political party, although its Utah members are heavily conservative and Republican.
Even so, Bundy's and Mack's comments were largely couched in the language of the believer and the gathering at times took on the spirit of a revival.
"If our (U.S.) Constitution is an inspired document by our Lord Jesus Christ, then isn't it scripture?" he asked. 
"Yes," a chorus of voices replied. 
"Isn't it the same as the Book of Mormon and the Bible?" Bundy asked. 
"Absolutely," the audience answered. 
Bundy's daughter-in-law, Briana, spoke of how the members of the family fasted and prayed for the spirit of their forefathers to be with them as they prepared on horseback to defy the Bureau of Land Management's efforts to impound cattle deemed to be "trespassing" on federal lands. 
The Bundys pointed out that the family was unarmed when the initial confrontation with federal agents turned violent, and Mack referred to a Book of Mormon account of women "softening the hearts" of a militant enemy in praising Bundy's daughters and daughters-in-law for helping to bring about a peaceful resolution. 
"If the standoff with the Bundys was wrong, would the Lord have been with us?" Bundy asked, noting that no one was killed as tensions escalated. "Could those people that stood without fear and went through that spiritual experience … have done that without the Lord being there? No they couldn't." 
Bundy also cited personal inspiration from God in establishing his course of action."The Lord told me ... if (the sheriff doesn't) take away these arms (from federal agents), we the people will have to face these arms in a civil war. He said, 'This is your chance to straighten this thing up,'" Bundy said.

UPDATE: 08/07/14

Welfare Rancher Bundy: Divine Inspiration has told me to Disarm the Feds

"I have no idea what God wants done, but he did inspire me to have the sheriffs across the United States take away these weapons, disarm these bureaucracies, and he also gave me a little inspiration on what would happen if they didn’t do that," Bundy said, according to the Tribune. "It was indicated that 'this is our chance, America, to straighten this problem up. If we don’t solve this problem this way, we will face these same guns in a civil war.'" 

UPDATE; 08/10/14

Kirby (Salt Lake Tribune): Prayer - Hearing What you Want 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

McMorris-Rodgers campaign ads: No honesty, No substance and John Boehner's Monster

Go ahead, take a moment to really pay attention to Ms. McMorris-Rodgers reelection campaign ad. Then, experience someone else's perspective, say from "Satan's Designated Driver?"

As I've done many times before with powerful writings like Wright's, I challenge you who read and disagree to make a genuine qualitative denial or rebuttal to his opinions. I also challenge you copy-and-paste Kindergarten Konservatives who lack direction to find someone you admire who could do the rebutting for you so your next copy-and-paste will have something of substance to it other than your own Howdy Doodie laziness.

Jim Wright on John Boehner’s Monster

"Six years. Six fucking years of birth certificates and fake social security numbers and the imminent End of Days and Biblical Antichrists and teleprompters and FEMA death camps and secret reeducation centers and 911 truthiness and supposed gayness and Michelle’s sex change and Black Panthers and Tea Parties and Communists and Nazis and Socialists and Arabs and gun grabbing and Israel hating and death panels and painting over Old Glory on Air Force one and killing his own ambassadors and killing Breitbart and killing the kids at Sandy Hook and killing the soldiers at Fort Hood (twice) and NOT killing bin Laden and spilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico and HAARPing himself up a hurricane to punish New Jersey and disappearing Malaysian airliners and ordering IRS outrages and alien reptile lizards from the 4th Dimension and Sharia Law and, well, it just goes on and on and on.
... Six years they’ve been telling us Obama is going to destroy America.  And every year it gets louder and more shrill and more strident and more panicked and more desperately insane. 
And yet – and yet – far from an America destroyed, our nation has steadily improved day by day, month after month, year after year during the entirety of Obama’s Administration. We are better off here in the United States than we have ever been and better off than nearly anywhere else on the planet.
 Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers the title: Satan's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind  Stonekettle Station Blog and FB Page

More than once I’ve heard the refrain from friends and family with whom I maintain a passing “relativity” that I just flat out read too much.

It’s a problem I’ve been stuck with most of  my life … reading too much which is then followed up the equally destructive addiction of thinking too much about what I’ve been reading.

I’ve recently been given to more fully understand that the solution to all the problems in our country are essentially encountered in the simple (or was it simplistic?) minds of the simple (or was it simplistic?) followers of the Reflublican party and its cheerleaders.

The key is in reducing complex issues into powerful straight forward but brief clarifications. For example, unfounded concerns about climate change, pollution and ozone layers has been reduced to the straight forward clearing up of any confusion with Limbaugh’s  dismissal of my concerns as the “neurotic hand wringing of tree hugging ‘environmentalist whackos.’"

Can it be any clearer than that?

And how could I have ever forgotten those years in the 80’s when I too was a devout dittohead and when Rush dismissed female equality issues as mere notorious “feminazism?”
Is there not something irrationally appealing about living in a world dominated by black-white certitude; where such things as nuances have no impact? That’s the beauty and loveliness of simple (or simplistic?) life in Right Country. There has to be security in that psychic foreclosure stuff.

But their certitude consigns them to what psychoanalyst Erik Erikson called the state of psychic foreclosure.
 Foreclosed persons are easily attracted to the beguilingly simple, one-size-fits-all belief systems of powerful others that they adopt as their own so as to avoid the sometimes lonely rigors of personal searching.  The foreclosed are the ready disciples of demagogues in every age. – Psychologist Paul Ginetty
It really isn’t about logic or common sense.

It really isn’t “I just wannabe loved.”

It’s more of “I want to be singing in the same choir and on the same page as somebody who is simply (or simplistically) famous, influential and popular among my friends.”

No matter that I sacrifice my individuality and intellectual integrity so long as I am loved and respected by all my fellow sacrificers. We are they who willingly shout “Amen!” to the simple (simplistic?) profound declarations of the national blowhards - those talkers who willingly admit to never having read up on or pursued knowledgeable command of the topic they wish to deride.
It’s not about that kind of sacrifice … its about inclusion and a “brothers-in-uninformed-arms” intimacy with a voice on a radio. UPDATE

As professor Paul Ginetty wrote,
 "They get a chance to feel real smart when the master seems to agree with them, failing to see that it is actually they who are agreeing with him."
Yes, if I want to calm down and retire to a life of ignorant bliss I should repent, reconvert to dittoheadedness and join the Reflublican Party so that I too can enjoy a life of simplistic simple-mindedness.
… maybe even stake out a booth at the local Elk Snout Tavern where as a disciple I can spread the shallow gospel of simple arrogant ignorance.

Update 11:00 a.m. Sunday 08/03/14  What passes for "logic" in Reflublicanville:

 "Apparently, if Obama is using his executive authority to advance a policy House Republicans support, it’s a meritorious exercise of presidential authority; if he uses that same authority to aid a policy they oppose, it’s time to write up articles of impeachment." - Dana Milbank, WaPo

Friday, August 1, 2014

Did we elect her to be the 5th Congressional District Hypocrite?

Now tell me again ... why should we re re-elect Ms. McMorris-Rodgers, one of the drivers of the Reflublican Klown Kar?

To their credit, some House Republican recognize the pure hypocrisy of the message they are sending to President Obama on border security. After Thursday's fiasco, when House leadership had to pull their border crisis response bill, thanks to de fact Speaker Ted Cruz's interference, nominal Speaker Boehner issued a statement on behalf of leadership saying, in part, "There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for congressional action, to secure our borders and ensure these children are returned swiftly and safely to their countries." That's a day after they sued President Obama for executive overreach.Hypocrisy?
You bet, say some Republicans.
Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer lambasted House Republicans for the "ridiculous" move on Thursday night.
"It is ridiculous to sue the president on a Wednesday because he oversteps the law, as he has done a dozen times illegally and unconstitutionally," the conservative commentator said on Fox, "and then on a Thursday say that he should overstep the law, contradict the law that passed in 2008 and deal with this himself."
Cole wasn't alone in recognizing the problem here, and that's why Boehner was "mobbed"by members demanding a vote yesterday immediately after the original bill was pulled. Not acting on immigration, and then saying the president could go it alone the day after suing him for doing just that, is even worse than missing a day of vacation. Go figure.
"Look, you can't say on the one hand that the president is overreaching by acting without legislative authority and direction and then refuse to give him legislative authority and direction in another area," Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a frequent voice of moderation in the House GOP conference, said on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown." 

Ten Reasons Why Religion Belongs in School ...

And nobody better contest the idea that the reasons are global and universal, eh?

"Madrasa" (Arabic: مدرسة, madrasah, pl. مدارس, madāris) is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious (of any religion). 
Variously transliterations appear: madrasah, madarasaa, medresa, madrassa, madraza, medrese, etc. In the West, the word usually refers to a specific type of religious school or college for the study of the Islamic religion, though this may not be the only subject studied. 
As of 2004 20,000 madrasas educated over 1.5 million students per year.[1] Not all students in madrasas are Muslims; there is also a modern curriculum.[2] In Bosnia it's called medresa, and it means islamic high school. - Wikipedia

If it's somethin' weird an' it don't look good Who ya gonna call?

Better not waste yer time on the Cathy McMorris-Rodgers crew
If it's somethin' weird an' it don't look good Who ya gonna call?

Behaving badly and pretending to do it on our behalf

Our most real border problem: Kowards of the Kounties defending our borders one stupid tragedy at a time.

Dave Niewart

After stumbling out of the gate last month, militia activists in Texas are now appearing along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a vigilante campaign to “secure our border” in the midst of a refugee crisis involving unaccompanied children from Central America.
According to a handful of news reports out of Texas, the militiamen – who initially were nowhere to be seen after publicizing their plans last month – are now conducting patrols in some areas in hopes of stopping incursions by border crossers.
The San Antonio Express-News published a report this week that listed some of the groups that have been involved in the patrols and included numerous photos of the militiamen.
Strikingly, the patrols are being organized secretively, and all the militiamen involved have insisted on anonymity.

But for all you copy-and-paste non-critically-thinking and apparently at a junior high level of civic maturity ....

I have no desire to defend a sitting U.S. President who - along with his administration seems perfectly capable of defending the country, themselves, their party AND you and me against the silliness and rhetoric that is passed off as genuine patriotic concern for this country, its future and our children.

But for all you copy-and-paste non-critically-thinking and apparently at a junior high level of civic maturity ....

start right here and now ... your own study of what it means to be a political crook and liar. Until you do, everything you copy-paste-and-post is only more silliness.

Gird up your loins, your integrity and your courage and respond to this:

The War Card
"As part of its investigation into the false statements made by top Bush administration officials leading up to the Iraq war, the Center for Public Integrity has just released an interactive database where you can search who said what, when."
...  The Center examined every public pronouncement by President Bush and seven top officials on the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and on the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda. They concluded that eight individuals — President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and White House Press Secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan — made 935 false statements from September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2003.
Who had the biggest problem with the truth? That honor goes to President Bush, who made 232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 28 false statements about Iraq’s connections with Al Qaeda. The runner-up, Colin Powell, made 244 false statements about weapons of mass destruction and 10 about Al Qaeda links.
Search the interactive 935 Iraq War false statements database by clicking on an individual’s photo to see a timeline, as well as the statements in full."

Doofusness; The incumbent sitting Lame Duck American President

It's a vanity issue. For Mr. Trump that means he must satisfy Mr. Hannity, Ms. Coulter and these kind folks: On Networks and ...

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