Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I’m just a liberal whiner … why Flush Limbaugh and Squawk Hannity were right and I was wrong.

Cumulus Planing to Drop Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity

Politico reports that Cumulus Media plans on dropping Rush Limbaugh's show at the end of the year.Cumulus has reportedly decided not to renew Sean Hannity's contract either.
Awe ... too bad for Flush and Squawk.

Squawk Hannity rejected? Bet that doesn't sit well at the Blowhard News Network, not to mention in Orem, or Utah Valley University where St. Sean Of The Cross With Arrogant Smugness has a statue in the auditorium.

More than once I’ve heard the refrain from friends and family with whom I maintain a passing “relativity” that I just flat out read too much.

It’s a problem I’ve been stuck with most of  my life … reading too much which is then followed up the equally destructive addiction of thinking too much about what I’ve been reading.

I’ve recently been given to more fully understand that the solution to all the problems in our country are essentially encountered in the simple (or was it simplistic?) minds of the simple (or was it simplistic?) followers of national conservative thinkers like Messers Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and other members of that broadcast think-tank fraternity.

The key is in reducing complex issues into powerful straight forward but brief clarifications.

For example, unfounded concerns about climate change, pollution and ozone layers has been reduced to the straight forward clearing up of any confusion with Limbaugh’s  dismissal of my concerns as the “neurotic hand wringing of tree hugging ‘environmentalist whackos.’"

Can it be any clearer than that?

And how could I have ever forgotten those years in the 80’s when I too was a devout dittohead and when Rush dismissed female equality issues as mere notorious “feminazism?”

Is there not something irrationally appealing about living in a world dominated by black-white certitude; where such things as nuances have no impact? That’s the beauty and loveliness of simple (or simplistic?) life in Right Country/

There has to be security in that psychic foreclosure stuff.
But their certitude consigns them to what psychoanalyst Erik Erikson called the state of psychic foreclosure. 
Foreclosed persons are easily attracted to the beguilingly simple, one-size-fits-all belief systems of powerful others that they adopt as their own so as to avoid the sometimes lonely rigors of personal searching. 
The foreclosed are the ready disciples of demagogues in every age. – Psychologist Paul Ginetty
It really isn’t about logic or common sense.

It really isn’t “I just wannabe loved.”

It’s more of “I want to be singing in the same choir and on the same page as somebody who is simply (or simplistically) famous, influential and popular among my friends.”

No matter that I sacrifice my individuality and intellectual integrity so long as I am loved and respected by all my fellow sacrificers. We are they who willingly shout “Amen!” to the simple (simplistic?) profound declarations of the national blowhards - those talkers who willingly admit to never having read up on or pursued knowledgeable command of the topic they wish to deride.

It’s not about that kind of sacrifice … its about inclusion and a “brothers-in-uninformed-arms” intimacy with a voice on a radio.

As psychology professor Paul Ginetty wrote,
They get a chance to feel real smart when the master seems to agree with them, failing to see that it is actually they who are agreeing with him.
Yes, if I want to calm down and retire to a life of ignorant bliss I should repent, reconvert to ditto-headedness so that I too can enjoy a life of simplistic simple-mindedness.

… maybe even stake out a booth at the local Elk Snout Tavern where as a disciple I can spread the shallow gospel of simple arrogant ignorance

Friday, July 19, 2013

To America's military sons and daughters: Jesus will never want you to kill anyone in His name.

It has come to my attention that there are religious fools, (which usually starts among the officers) currently serving with you.

These American pretend soldiers are not your typical noble American warriors who have sworn an oath to defend the country and Constitution.

Rather, they have taken it upon themselves to pretend that the old Testament God who gets mad enough to kill people is still in charge.

They believe that the same false god inspired the U.S. Constitution and formation of a military order of soldiers who are to be primarily warriors for His Son.

Do not be tempted to take their spiritual opinions, advice and counsel as gospel my child.

America is not God’s chosen weapon of vengeance nor enforcement of a freedom all over the world won with blood and at the point of a weapon.

America is not the home of modern versions of medieval crusaders who plundered, raped and killed while believing that God and Jesus wanted them to do so.

America is not the home of generals whom God has ordained nor has Jesus authorized to kill indiscriminately in His name.

Never will America be commanded to blow them away in the name of the Lord.

Never will you be legally authorized by any officer or non-com to commit murder or any atrocity as your duty to God and country.

If you commit such acts you will be guilty of shedding innocent blood and will not be able to blame it on the moral cowards who commanded you.

If you fall into that kind of pit I encourage you to make immediate contact with me so that we can try together in all our love and devotion to do whatever it takes to protect your life, your integrity and your soul.

Unlike those military liars, I cannot nor will I ever demand that you blindly accept my own moral judgments in place of your own.

Unlike those military liars I CAN promise you that you WILL be accountable for blindly accepting as some sort of duty and obligatory response to the foolish evangelizing they believe they have the power to force on you.

There ARE people in and close to the military who will back you up should you ever have to stand up to your officers and non-coms who want you to believe they can punish you for ignoring their religious attitudes and practices.

I can help put you in contact with them.

I praise you for your willingness to serve our country.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who Will Be the 2016 Republican Nominee for Washington Governor?

Guest writer Bryan Burke, who with me is an editor at Washblog, writes from his Eastern Washington perspective at EW Voters and Eastern Washington Politics sites. I'm excited to publish on of his recent articles.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will be up for re-election in 2016, and the presumption is that he will run for re-election. However, who is likely to be the Republican nominee that challenges him for Governor of the State of Washington? Washington is a solid Democratic state, and Republican candidates for Governor have been rejected at the ballot box over and over again for the last few decades. The Republican Party seems clueless about what to do about that. They keep recycling the same anti-tax, anti-government message every election year, and they keep losing most state-wide races. I have no problem with that. I say let them keep failing. That said I cannot help but to speculate what Republican will run against Inslee for the Governor of Washington in 2016.

Republican Nominee for Washington Governor in 2016?

2016 is a long time a way of course. Potential candidates will not make a decision to run or not run for another two years or more. However, it is a fun conversation for political junkies in a slow election year. Jerry Cornfield, Herald Columnist, listed some of his guesses about who will run for Governor of the State of Washington against Inslee. He quotes Rob Mckenna as saying he will not run a second time. I have made some predictions of my own. I am betting that Dave Reichert, Congressman and Retired King County Sheriff, will be the 2016 Republican Nominee for Governor of Washington for reasons I listed below. I don't think others like Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rob McKenna will want to be the Republican nominee for Governor.
If you're a Republican with thoughts of running for governor in 2016 know this: Rob McKenna will not stand in your way. He's told insiders of the Grand Old Party he's not interested in a rematch with Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to whom he lost by a couple percentage points in November. That's not to say he won't change his mind. . . . Who will be the party's torchbearer in 2016 if McKenna isn't?

Republican Congressman Dave Reichert for Washington Governor?

The former King County sheriff is in his fifth term in Congress from whence Inslee came. Reichert could be the 8th Congressional District representative for life but his sights are on something grander. Most figure it's the U.S. Senate though running the state might be too attractive to pass on.
Dave Reichert is ambitious. Of course, everyone on the list is. However, there are different kinds of ambition. As Sheriff, Dave Reichert seemed to have particularly enjoyed the public attention that came from his office solving the King County Green River murder (although Reichert's role is dubious). That is the kind of attention that only a person elected to an executive office is usually able to enjoy. As a congress person, he is just one of hundreds in Washington D.C. I am betting that he is hungry for a brighter spotlight. <!--[if gte mso 9]> I disagree with Jerry Cornfield. I think it is the Washington Governor’s Office is what Dave Reichert wants. Some may think that a position in Congress is more prestigious than Governor, but you just are not in the center of the spot light as you are in the Governor’s Office.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Washington Governor?

She is in her fifth term and is chairwoman of the GOP caucus making her the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress. She enjoys the national stage more than that of Olympia where she spent four terms as a state lawmaker. That might be reason enough for her to abstain from the governor's race.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers will stay in the U.S. House. She seems comfortable there, and it has been very good for her career wise. I get the impression that her party advanced her to the Chair of the House Republican Conference so they can claim her as a token woman in their leadership. She seems to enjoy that role and she seems quite comfortable in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, I don't think they will advance her any farther in the House leadership. The Republican Party and especially Republicans in Congress are still too much of an old boy network. When she realizes this, then maybe she will consider a run for some other office. Perhaps it will be for Washington governor as the Republican nominee, but probably not in 2016. I think she will stay where she is for a while.

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler for Governor of Washington as the Republican Nominee?

Herrera BeutlerShe's 34, in her second term and clearly a rising star for the party. A 2016 contest might be too soon for her career. Plus, her announcement Tuesday that her unborn child has a serious medical condition requires such talk be put on hold because her family comes first.
I just cannot see Jaime Herrera Beutler as the Republican candidate for Washington Governor, and I don't think 50% of Republican voters will either. That does not mean that she will not run. However, I don't think she is ready and I bet she knows it. She is of course a protégée of Cathy McMorris Rodgers. If on an off chance McMorris runs, Jaime Herrera Beutler would not.

State Sen. Steve Litzow of Mercer Island?

Steve LitzowLitzow is a moderate on fiscal and social issues though you might not realize it because he's refused to break ranks with his conservative caucus to pass a bill he co-sponsored on abortion rights. A former public school teacher, his strongest suit is education which is a proven winning issue with voters.
No comment. I just don't know enough about the guy.

State Sen. Andy Hill of Redmond for Govenor?

Andy HIllHill is the lead budget writer for the Senate Majority Coalition, an impressive assignment for a freshman senator. He's also a cancer survivor. That combination -- knowledge of numbers and compelling personal story -- generally adds up to electoral success. The question for Hill is whether he's ambitious enough to seek the job.
Same as above. I just don't know enough about Andy Hill.

State Sen. Michael Baumgartner for Washington Governor?

mbAmbition is not a problem for Baumgartner who took on U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2012 and lost badly. This session he's in the loop for writing budgets and setting policy for the state's universities, gaining knowledge and making contacts which could prove useful should higher office beckon.
It was a smart move for State Senator Michael Baumgartner to run against U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell in 2012. No one thought he had a real chance of winning so when he lost it did not hurt his future prospects. He did break the 40% barrier so many were inclined to believe he ran a decent race. The best part of it for Michael Baumgartner was that he increased his name recognition and donor base and gained experience campaigning in a more high profile race. However, if he ran as Republican for Governor of Washington and lost badly like he did against Cantwell, he would not necessarily continue to reap the same benefits. You cannot loose badly over and over and still be respected as a candidate by your party. He probably knows that. If he runs, it will be a calculated risk in this regard. Another big loss would hurt his career. Also, Michael Baumgartner comes into politics from an international policy background. State government may not interest him as much. I think he will stay in the state legislature for a few more years, and then run for federal office again. My prediction is that he will not run for governor in 2016 for Washington Governor. Other Republicans will be more interested in being the nominee.

Three years from now

We got plenty more time to speculate. A lot will happen between now and the primary election in 2016. Careers will be made and lost. Scandals will hit the headlines. Plenty fodder for us political junkies.

 Bryan E. Burke Exec. Director Eastern Washington Voters -- Making Eastern Washington More Progressive 

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