Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Reflublican Party: failed American leadership

The failed Republican approach includes the pitiful public relations failures of Flush Limbaugh, Squawk Hannity and The Fracture O' Reilly. They have all now childishly teamed up to become a significant part of the problem with no relationship to the solution.

Consider the following Reflublican advocacies and failures.

Fighting the war on terror while remaining strictly stuck with the Republican Tax Cut Experiment.

Fighting a war on terror that no longer has logic, common sense or any kind of national success story attached toReflublican methods.

Figthing a war on terror with an eye single to how to incorporate strategy and tactics in such a way as to create exceedingly lucrative opportunities to corporate supporters the party. Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater are liabilities that proud Reflublicans cannot hang their electoral hats on.

Halliburton represents Republican disaster-handling at it's stupidest - borne out by the same approach to Louisiana and post-Katrina rehabilitation.

Republican child-abuse ...
The national debt reflects an abusive act this country's Republican leadership has committed on our children and grandchildren. The Republican Party is the current grand perpetrator of long-term child abuse in this country by inflicting a financial burden and the consequences of selfish opportunism on our innocent posterity who at their age have no voice of their own. More than anything, Reflublicans treat our children as economic assets over whom they assume they have comptrollership.

Lack of health care and opposition to universal health care is part and parcel of the conservative myth about a free-market system going back to the stubborn in-denial theorizing of failed capitalists of the 1920's.

Then, post -WWII - it was assumed that capitalism and American employers could shoulder the responsibility for health coverage for all American workers and prove to the world the wholesome power of unrestricted free-markets where capitalist employers would willingly include health care and other well-being benefits in the "cost of doing business" prior to making claim on net profit.

That assumption has proven to be a disaster. Corporate America - primarily a Republican sponsor that rewards political sacrifice of personal ethics with money - has been left at a competitive disadvantage globally and unable to resist the temptation to become competitive by robbing workers of both job and health security.

This circumstance involved both parties going back to 1946, but most recently, those who finally managed to purchase political influence have moved the problem to its extreme absurdity.

The Medicare Prescription Drug problem as resolved by blind, stubborn and foolish Republican politicians is a disaster and can be unequivocally laid at the feet of every politician claiming to be formally Republican.

Medicare D which is so unwise, one-sided and profit-driven is PRECISELY what being a Reflublican stands for.

Republicans no longer have a sensible alternative to what Americans are demanding now. "Conservative" is a word that even self-styled conservatives can no longer accurately define. Self-describing one's self as "conservative" is at this moment not much more than calling one's self a "cowboy" or some other heroic self image that implies deep thinking. There is little deep thinking at this point to the current dominant "conservatism."

We are not hearing serious, deep or well-reasoned conservative ideas from the Limbauhs, Hannities, Boehners, Gingrichs or even discredited idiots like Tom Delay.

The recent disaster who labeled himself the "education President" but who, despite the compassionate self-label, has left children behind, imposed terrible burdens on public schools, and failed to provide the necessaries to make his compassionate promises come true.

Prime Republican bread and butter is the distraction of the pseudo Christian morality that makes political mountains out of molehills at the expense of that with which any religious believer ought to be most focused: Compassion, justice and equality.

Any Reflublican blowhard who throws up one of the pseudo "moral" issues needs to be immediately confronted with a question about torture, injustice and inequality inside America and globally.

"That's nice, Mr. Reflublican, but what does your personal morality prompt in you regarding torture, injustice, inequality and the lack of compassion your party and your radical religious right supporters ignore so pointedly?"

We can knock down the entire facade of the Republican party's pretended patriotism, conservatism and regard for humanity in general because it was built on bull, bluff, personal political chicanery and swift-bloat lies.

Let them continue to tie themselves to the Gingrich and Tom Delay recent past, George W. Bush and exhort each other to lock step non-civic opposition to doing the right thing if they cannot take credit.

Would you want such jokers teaching high school government classes?

Hell no.

The party deserves indictment and prosecution as much as the president to whom they willing joined themselves at the hip.

Both are one and the same as guilty and accountable as hell.

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