Friday, September 11, 2009

Timidity masquerading as wisdom

We watched Defiance this past week ... on Jewish resistance in Poland and Belorus during WWII.

There's a scene toward the end when a Nazi falls into the hands of the Bielski (Jewish) Otriad.
One prominent member of the Otriad leadership who previously self-labeled as an "intellectual" could not bring himself to execute the Nazi to protect the camp who could ill afford to keep or feed him.

While the rest are cursing the Nazi and crying out for revenge the intellectual tries briefly to extract a promise from the Nazi that he will not reveal the location of the partisan camp.
His timidity is overruled by the members, not the leadership of the camp.

Under no circumstances would the Nazi have not betrayed the Jews had they let him go.

Demo leadership cannot keep any process moving forward by cheap talk and false platitudes to some sort of bi-partisanship.

Either we have leaders of genuine courage and spunk ... or we are stuck with civic intellectuals who will keep arranging deck chairs.

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