Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ignore at your own risk ... inferiors are waiting to govern your ignorance

                                         Vote fer me ... I'm tuff on stuff

Who said this:

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors?
Got a campaign coming up. Doesn't it seem like a circus of performing inferiors. Well, at this point based on who is saying what, who is doing what and who is pointing at what ... they all act like the inferiors in their heads have overruled the wisdom of their hearts.

"I would govern you!!" they shout, and then behave as if meditated and well-considered thoughts are exactly what should be avoided. No ... it's better to blurt out stuff

... cause there's a lot of us guys in the audience who are well-trained blurtees. We buy into the shallowest of notions and think a doofus is wise because he can wrinkle his brow and tell you what's wrong with everyone else.

But ya know, it ain't so much the outrageous stuff that comes from the minds of the candidates who want to get our attention.

It's our own - yours and mine - shallow and gullible minds that consider angry and inflamed self-righteous talk from candidates as serious and believable fare that brings all this stuff on.

Ask any bartender. The best way to shut down the loudmouth in the tavern that always says the dumbest stuff is best quieted when the rest of them either ignore him or toss him out the door in exasperation at the time being wasted.

                                                  Tom Bumbouncer

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